Imagine the new possibilities that could be born if out-of-coverage areas were to disappear from the face of the earth!

The OREX Open RAN service is taking on the challenge of creating this new world.

Each stage of the puzzle represents an out-of-coverage area. Build a mobile network environment by filling in the puzzle.

How to play

This puzzle game comprises four stages: “Mountain”, “Desert”, “Remote Island”, and “Forest”.

Each of these stages represent areas that create communication disparities.

Choose one of the stages to play.

Puzzle piece

The puzzle pieces include large pieces matching vast land areas and small pieces matching narrow/rugged land areas.

The same applies to actual telecommunication carriers.
It is essential to select base stations that match the type of land area to be covered.

Experience this process for yourself by completing the puzzle.

If you get stuck selecting puzzle pieces, we’re here to help!

Accept OREX support.

We will suggest the best base station and puzzle piece combinations.

Let's try!Let's try!